The Universal Solvent for Every GC Application

Like SupraSolv®, UniSolv® solvents from Merck are designed for challenging sample preparation tasks in gas chromatography such as sensitive detection processes in residue and environmental analysis. Unlike the more specialized SupraSolv® products, however, our unique UniSolv® range of solvents is a truly universal solution.

Thanks to special clean-up procedures, its specification is even broader and higher than that of SupraSolv®: The specified retention time range for ECD is larger (so even low-boiling substances can be analyzed just as reliably as those in the medium- to high-boiling range), while the permissible concentration of interference signals within the retention time range for all detectors is lower. Due to its high performance and application security, we recommend using UniSolv® for all analytical tasks that demand the highest levels of reliability – for example, environmental organic trace analysis.

UniSolv® solvents can be used with the most relevant GC detectors (GC-ECD, GC-FID, GC-MS). No other GC solvent on the market is able to cover such an extensive application range: Using UniSolv®, you need only one solvent quality regardless of sample (e.g. water or soil) or detection method. You benefit from more flexibility, better cost-efficiency, high reliability in standard applications – and easier, more precise analyses in new fields such as Anastassiades’ “Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe” (QuEChERS) approach to pesticide residue analysis.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
116740 Petroleumbenzin Siedebereich 40-60°C
104369 n-Hexan
106454 Dichlormethan
107288 n-Pentan
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