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SMCxPRO™ vs. Erenna® Immunoassay Platforms

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SMC™ technology has utilized the Erenna® instrument for years as a proven, reliable instrument for high sensitivity protein measurement. The SMCxPRO™ platform expands our portfolio to provide a compact affordable option to achieve the same high sensitivity. We provide an extensive offering of highly validated immunoassay kits as well as hands-on assay development training to allow you to develop assays that fit your own needs.

Platform Comparison

Individual and pooled plasma samples from four SMC™ immunoassay kits were analyzed on both the SMCxPRO™ and Erenna® platforms. For all four analytes measured, the mean interpolated concentration of each sample (R2) was nearly identical between the two instruments. Human cTnI (Cat. No. 03-0092-00), R2=0.9944, Human IL-6 (Cat. No. 03-0089-01), R2=0.9972, Human IL-4 (Cat. No. 03-0052- 00), R2=0.9976, and Human IL-23 (Cat. No. 03-0112-00) R2=0.9413. These results demonstrate that the SMCxPRO™ instrument gives similar sample results to those from the Erenna® system and you can confidently move from one platform to the other.


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