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Combine the cost savings of bulk media with the convenience of 96-well filtration plates.



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Reference overviewApplication
SpeedScreen: label-free liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based high-throughput screening for the discovery of orphan protein ligands
I. Muckenschnabel, R. Falchetto, L.M. Mayr, and I. Filipuzzi
Analytical Biochemistry, 324 (2004) 241-249  2004

Protein Concentration, Protein Desalting


What is the best way to load dry resin into a MultiScreen plate?The best way to load dry resin into MultiScreen plates is to use a MultiScreen column loader. With this device, all 96 wells can be loaded simultaneously in minutes. The column loaders come in four sizes, 25ul 45ul, 80ul, and 100ul, optimized for a variety of key applications.
What column loader should I use for my application?The column loader you chose will depend on how much resin you need to load and how much the beads swell when hydrated. Some of the more common resins are listed below with the appropriate column loader.
25ul C18, C4, SCX Sample prep for analytical instrumentation
45ul Sephadex® G-50, G-75Protein/DNA purification
Dye terminator removal
(standard and Big dyes)
80ulDowex®, G-25Desalting, absorption
100ul Alumina, DowexcAMP phosphodiesterase