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Laminin Antibodies, Proteins & Kits

Millipore offer Laminin antibodies, proteins and kits for your ECM and adhesion research. See below for a list of Laminin related products, based on the expertise of Upstate & Chemicon.

Laminins, a family of extracellular matrix glycoproteins, are the major noncollagenous constituent of basement membranes. They have been implicated in many biological processes including differentiation, migration, cell adhesion, signaling, neurite outgrowth and metastasis. Variations in the expression of laminins have been observed in organogenesis, embryogenesis, post traumatic healing and cancer. Laminins have been provoked by the discovery of their ability to promote neurite regeneration. Laminins are composed of 3 non identical chains: laminin alpha, beta and gamma.



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