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MultiScreen Punch Kit and Accessories

Patented punch tips remove each filter from its well separately, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

The MultiScreen Punch consists of a punch handle, a sliding punch carrier plate, a punch distributor, and an eight-place carrier rack to hold samples.

After completing your assay, you can use the punch and disposable punch tips to simultaneously remove filters from eight wells of a MultiScreen plate and distribute them into eight scintillation vials for scintillation or gamma radioisotope detection.

The patented punch tips remove each filter from its well separately, thereby eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and increasing reproducibility.



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Can I decontaminate the MultiScreen punch hardware and accessories of radioactivity?Yes. The punch mechanism should not require decontamination since it never directly contacts the membrane. Accessories can be decontaminated with normal non-organic solvent solutions or sprays designed for this purpose.
Which MultiScreen membranes can be punched out of the plate using the MultiScreen Punch Kit?All plates containing the Durapore (PVDF) membrane can be punched. Mixed cellulose ester membranes (HA) and glass fiber membranes must be wet when punched from the plate. When punching glass fiber, some of the underlying Durapore disks may be left behind, but 99% of the counts will be on the glass fiber disks. The ion exchange membranes (DE and PH) and the PTFE membranes (R1, R4) cannot be punched.
Will the MultiScreen disposable punch tips quench a radioactive signal when counting?No, the punch tips shouldn't interfere with counting. It may be necessary to add bleach to punched discs to release counts when weak beta emitters are used (e. g. 3H and 14C).