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Product Safety Summaries

Improve Safety When Working with Hazardous Substances


Product Safety Summaries are an essential element of the Global Product Strategy (GPS). Like other initiatives such as Responsible Care®, GPS has been put into place to achieve the goal set by the World Summit in 2002 on Sustainable Development, which states that by 2020 "… chemicals are used and produced in ways that lead to the minimization of significant adverse effects on human health and the environment".

Product Safety Summaries are user-friendly guides that detail safe handling and management of chemicals and support the information given in the Safety Data Sheets. The Product Safety Summaries provide an overview of substance related information such as:

  • Chemical Identity
  • Uses and Application
  • Physical/Chemical Properties
  • Health Effects
  • Environmental Effects
  • Exposure
  • Risk Management Recommendations
  • Disposal Consideration
  • Storage

GPS Chemicals Portal

A key element to achieve the goals of GPS is transparency in the communication. For this reason, ICCA (International Council of Chemical Associations) offers the general public a direct access to all Product Safety Summaries in a dedicated portal. All companies committed to GPS share their information on chemicals in this GPS Chemicals Portal. Therefore you can find all available Product Safety Summaries of Merck in this portal.

Please see the following example of a Product Safety Summary of Merck.

In depth safety and health information about each of our products is provided in the respective Safety Data Sheets. We provide you a 24 hours a day access to our Safety Data Sheets via our website.



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