Multiwell Applications: Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine The right drug for the right person at the right time—personalized medicine. The use of an individual’s genotype or expression profile to determine the most effective therapy, has been accepted as a current and future direction for medical treatment. Millipore’s unique position as both a Life Science leader as well as a supplier of diagnostic products lets us put personalized medicine at the fingertips of clinicians worldwide.

MultiScreen filter plates make it easy to test multiple patient parameters at once. If you’d like to run multiplex assays with your own custom arrays of analytes, use our MILLIPLEX MAP kits that provide multi-analyte Luminex beads and MultiScreen filter plates for convenient washing. The ability to determine the specific concentration of 42 analytes in one samples offered by the new Milliplex kits is an unprecedented step to advance Biomarker detection and characterization.