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GPCR Membrane Preparations

ChemiScreen cell lines enhance GPCR cell surface expression. Proprietary pHS expression vector and ChemiScreen™ cell lines enhance GPCR cell surface expression
ChemiScreen™ GPCR Membrane Preparations
Our G Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) Membrane Preparations take advantage of the ChemiScreen™ expression system to yield membrane preparations with highly expressed (Bmax in pmol/mg) and functional GPCRs. Our membrane preparations have been pharmacologically validated for competitive radioligand binding and/or GTPγS studies for worry-free GPCR assays.

Advantages of ChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparations:
  • High functional expression and specific binding
  • Created from stable cell lines for consistent performance
  • Saturation and competitive radioligand binding assay and/or GTPγS assay tested
  • Available in bulk quantities

Product Listing: ChemiScreen™ GPCR Membrane Preparations