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69078 Perfect Protein™ HRP Western Blot Kit

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69078-3 Ampolla de plást. 25 blot
OverviewThe Perfect Protein™ HRP Western Blot Kit includes an HRP Conjugate in addition to the Perfect Protein™ Western Markers (Cat. No. 69959). For a version containing prestained proteins for tracking electrophoresis and Western transfer, please refer to our complete listing of Trail Mix™ Western Markers and Blot Kits.

A.Two parallel blots were incubated with primary antibodies for an expressed protein, then incubated with Anti-Mouse IgG AP Conjugate and processed using chemiluminescent detection. The S-protein AP Conjugate was included with secondary antibody for the blot on the left. Lanes: 1, 5 µl Perfect Protein Western Markers; 2, 10 ng induced cell extract; 3, 1 µg uninduced cell extract.
B.Blot contains the Perfect Protein Western Markers plus purified GUS expressed in insect cells incubated with a GUS-specific monoclonal antibody, then incubated with Anti-Mouse IgG HRP Conjugate and S-protein HRP Conjugate and detected with chemiluminescent HRP substrate. Lanes: 1, 5 µl Perfect Protein Western Markers; 2, 800 ng purified GUS protein.
Catalogue Number69078
Brand Family Novagen®
Features and benefits• Detect markers simply by adding the S-protein (AP or HRP Conjugate) or His•Tag® Monoclonal Antibody to the same incubation used for sample detection.
• S-protein conjugate (included in kits) does not interfere with antibodies or streptavidin detection.
• Can be used with colorimetric and chemiluminescent AP or HRP substrates.
• Recombinant, unmodified markers give sharp, accurately sized bands.
• Markers are supplied at the working dilution in gel loading buffer; concentration optimized for Western detection.
• Protein sizes are 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150 kDa.
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Storage -20°C
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69078-3 04055977259551


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  • Yulin Jia, et al. (2000) Direct interaction of resistance gene and avirulence gene products confers rice blast resistance. European Molecular Biology Organization Journal 19, 4004-4014.
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