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Complete Solutions from Cell Counting to Flow Cytometry & Flow Imaging

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Merck's flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments and counters give you instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes. Choose from miniaturized systems for quick cell counts and basic analyses, to versatile benchtop platforms for multi-dimensional cell health assessments, to quantitative imaging of each cell in flow. With our innovative range, you can pick the platform that fits your needs and takes your research to the next level.

Learn how our automated, flexible and easy-to-use systems can help you to make faster, more accurate decisions. Then pick your platform – and make your mark!

Imaging Flow Cytometers
Combine microscopy
and flow for objective, high-throughput, statistically significant analyses.

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Flow Cytometer
Highly sensitive and fully configurable with up to 7 lasers, giving capabilities today and flexibility for tomorrow.  

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Analysis/guava/guava-purple.jpgGuava® easyCyte
Flow Cytometers
Easy to operate 1, 2 or 3 laser formats for precise and accurate detection of 5 to 14 parameters.

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Scepter 2.0 Automated Cell CounterMuse®
Cell Analyzer
Effortlessly obtain instant, quantitative assessments of cell health, apoptosis, and cell cycle.

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Scepter 2.0 Automated Cell CounterScepter™ 2.0
Automated Cell Counter
Count cells and monitor cell health right in the culture hood with the Scepter 2.0 Cell Counter.

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Analysis/reagents-Kits-FC-page-70px.jpgFlow Cytometry
Kits & Reagents
Optimized for ease of use and to support your research, giving you greater and faster insights into cell status and processes.

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