On-Demand Webinar

IEX Chromatography: How to Get the Most out of Your mAb Process

Duration: 1 Hour
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Christian Frech, Head of the Institute for Biochemistry, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Dr. Lothar Jacob, Product Manager for Ion Exchange Chromatography, Process Solutions, Merck

Abstract: During the downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), ion exchange chromatography (IEX) is a very crucial purification tool. It is mostly utilized as post-protein A and/or polishing step. Within both types of ion exchange chromatography - cation exchange (CEX) and anion exchange (AEX) - the optimization of operating parameters can enhance the entire purification scheme. Antibody aggregate removal can be significantly improved through CEX if the monomeric forms elutes before the aggregates come off the column. Choosing the right elution condition is key for efficiently separating host cell proteins (HCPs) as well. The main contribution of anion exchange (AEX) chromatography is efficient DNA and virus removal, in many applications in a flow-through mode. However, also CEX can contribute to additional process safety with regard to virus removal even in bind-elute mode. Key factors influencing the separation of mAbs on ion exchange chromatographic columns as well as case studies will be presented during this webinar.

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