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Supply Robustness and Control

Supply Program
Supply Robustness and Control. Stay Ahead.

Mega-trends are contributing to a boom in the biopharmaceutical industry. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are accelerating drug development, optimizing productivity and investing in manufacturing capacity globally.

As a leading partner and supplier to the industry, we strengthen our supply chain to support our commitment of on-time delivery reliability and product quality to help you stay ahead.

Learn more on the drivers of growth in the industry, and their impact on the supply chain risks.

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As a leading partner and supplier to the industry, we continue to strengthen our supply chain to help you stay ahead.

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Supply Robustness and Control

This report from the Economist Intelligence Unit explores the growth strategies of global pharmaceutical companies and their plans for managing associated risks.

Read the report:
The Changing Biopharma Risk Equation

To help you keep pace with this growth trajectory and minimize risk, our Supply Robustness and Control program depends upon a disciplined approach including:

Supply Chain Reliability

The routine, reliable supply of the right high-quality products in the right place at the right time through demand planning, material/supplier management, production planning, manufacturing to inventory management, warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

Supply Chain Risk Management

The proactive identification and implementation of mitigation decisions through capacity planning, business continuity planning, change management, supplier risk management, supply chain mapping, disaster recovery planning and more.

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Quality Control

The ongoing programs to ensure quality and compliance, such as in-process testing, lot release testing, process characterization and control, ISO certifications and more.

Transparency of Information

The easy access to information via our Emprove® suite, labeling, documentation, website, and a global team of customer service and technical service experts.

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We are grateful to have been recognized for our robust and resilient supply chain.

Best Bioprocessing Supplier in Asia

For second consecutive year, Merck chosen as "Best Bioprocessing Supplier" by Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards. Merck also wins "Best Bioprocessing Supplier" Award for Single-use Systems.

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Supply Chain Resilience Award

The Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council (GSCRC) named Merck the Resilient Supply Chain Collaborator of the Year for effective collaboration with customers to achieve improved risk transparency throughout our supply chain.

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Single-use Highlights

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  • The Transformation to Excellence
    How a customer-focused mission to boost single-use assembly product quality and supply security led to the Mobius® MyWay Program and a manufacturing site transformation.
  • Single-use, Your Way
    Disposable technologies are expected to see even greater demand in the future – and that puts pressure on suppliers to up their game in terms of lead times. See how we are doing it.
  • Single-use That’s Ready When You Are
    With a growing number of components and highly customized assemblies, the supply chain for single-use becomes quite complex. Merck has designed a new program offering customized single-use assemblies with reduced lead times, and an enhanced level of supply security.
  • Globalization of Single Use
    Learn more on the rapid rise of single-use systems, and explore their role in the biomanufacturing facility of the future.

Explore More: Mobius® MyWay

The Mobius® MyWay Program is a three-tiered offering that introduces a novel approach to single-use standardization, designed to help biopharmaceutical manufacturers implement flexible manufacturing with greater speed and enhanced supply security.