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Eshmuno® CMX Chromatography Resin

A highly selective mixed mode chromatography resin for
difficult to purify mAbs, ADCs and fusion proteins.

Eshmuno® CMX

Eshmuno® CMX chromatography resin is a mixed mode chromatography resin built on the proven Eshmuno® resin technology.

This innovative resin combines weak cation exchange properties with hydrophobic interaction, providing high selectivity for Monoclonal Antibody (mAb), fusion protein and Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) purification as well as separation of low molecular weight impurities and Host Cell Proteins (HCPs).

  • Intensifies processes and reduces costs by reducing the number of chromatographic steps and buffer consumption
  • Improves performance with higher recovery rates, high selectivity and superior dynamic binding capacity
  • Improves the user experience with a broad operational window, simplified process development and easy column packing due to a rigid base bead
Eshmuno® tentacle technology

Is built on the proven Eshmuno® tentacle technology
Emprove® dossiers

Delivered with Emprove® dossiers, to help you meet the latest regulatory requirements for risk assessment and speed your way through the regulatory maze.
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Explore selectivity

High selectivity for mAbs, ADCs and fusion proteins

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Eshmuno<sup>®</sup> CMX resin

Eshmuno® CMX Resin

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mAb and fusion protein

  • Reduces process from three to two chromatographic steps due to the high selectivity of the resin.
  • Triples process yield versus traditional chromatography resin.

ADC polishing

  • Removes undesired low DAR and high DAR species, enabling the best pharmacokinetics, efficacy, half-life and tolerability.

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Eshmuno® CMX chromatography resin is also effective at reducing the low molecular weight Impurities and HCPs. More information in the datasheet.

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