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Water Monitoring Filters

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environmental contamination monitoring, water monitoring.
Water contaminants such as microorganisms, organic, inorganic chemicals and metals may be found in our drinking water, groundwater and waste water. These pollutants can have a serious impact on all living creatures and can negatively affect the use of water for drinking, fishing and commerce.

Maintain the safety of our water supply using Merck’s membrane filtration products. Designed to help you monitor regulatory compliance and assure you of accurate, dependable results, our certified filters and filter holders provide reliable methods for collecting and preparing environmental samples for downstream analysis.

Filter Discs for Water Monitoring

Vacuum Filter Holders for Water Monitoring

Pressure Filter Holders for Water Monitoring

Examples of regulated water monitoring methods are:

Recommended product(s)
ASTM D4382-02 Water Monitoring, Barium HAWP04700
ASTM D6994-04  Water Monitoring, Metal Cyanide Complexes SLLHC25NS