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Automated Dissolution Testing Sample Preparation

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Filtration for Automated and High Throughput Dissolution Testing Sample Preparation

Filters for automation.
In today’s fast-paced drug discovery and development environment, rapid, automated and simple sample preparation is crucial for pharmaceutical product analyses, such as dissolution testing. Choose from Merck’s syringe filters and multiwell filter plates for your pharmaceutical product testing protocol.

  • Millex® automation-compatible syringe filters
  • MultiScreen® 96-well and 384-well filter plates

Automation compatible syringe filters.
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Syringe Filters for Automated Filtration Systems

Engineered specifically for robotic systems, automation-compatible Millex® 25 mm syringe filters deliver trouble-free operation in automated filter changing stations.

  • Domed housing ensures reliable delivery of filters
  • Pressure-resistant housing resists bursting
  • Luer-Lok® connection optimized for precise alignment and fit.
  • Available in either bulk or delivery tubes for use with automated filter changing systems, including Caliper, Varian and Sotax workstations.

Learn More About Automation-Compatible Millex® Syringe Filters
Learn More About Millex® Syringe Filters for Dissolution Testing Samples

MultiScreen® Solvinert Filter Plates: Optimized for High Throughput Pharmaceutical Sample Preparation

Automation-compatible MultiScreen® Solvinert filter plates – both deep well and standard – are optimized for drug discovery applications including total drug analysis, NCE cleavage from solid phase libraries, and sample preparation prior to HPLC or LC/MS/MS. The plates and membranes demonstrate low binding, low extractables and high recoveries, with hydrophilic and hydrophobic PTFE membrane options.

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