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Direct Detect® Spectrometer Registration and Software Updates

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Direct Detect® SpectrometerWhen you register your Direct Detect® spectrometer, you will receive regular updates on your instrument's software.

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Direct Detect® Spectrometer Software Updates and Downloads

To upgrade your Direct Detect® spectrometer with new software updates for existing and new applications, download the latest software versions.

What’s New in Direct Detect® Software Version 3.0
A number of changes and additions have been added to the third version of the Direct Detect® Software. In addition to minor changes, the following major features have been implemented:
  • A new options menu option toggles the screen to display the chart views as full screen or standard view.
  • Administrators can now define custom integration regions when creating custom methods. Methods defined with custom regions appear with an icon on the drop-down selection fields of the main screen.
  • All databases are now password protected. Older databases will be password protected the first time they are accessed with the new version of the software.
  • All users have the option to hide the carbohydrate and nucleic acid tabs from view if desired.
  • The option to select previous blanks has been removed from the Options menu and is now selected using the information icon next to the option on the main screen.
  • Zooming for charts is now an option in the popup menu for each chart.
  • If the operator has selected the option to use a previous blank, blank positions on the sample card are now automatically redefined as a sample. Default settings are restored upon de-selection of Use previous blank option.
  • The exporting of numbers to an Excel® spreadsheet has been modified to ensure they are a numeric format, and not a general format.
  • The operator now has a choice of file formats when exporting statistical data to an Excel® spreadsheet.
  • The operator can now drag-and-drop spectra from any previous measurement to the spectral charts. This loads the spectral plot for visual comparison and does not load the extra card information.
  • A new Modified Mass Unit option allows adjustment of the concentration results for highly modified proteins and peptides.
  • A new Extended drying cycle option adds drying time to the start of the measurement cycle before the normal drying cycle is performed.
  • An updated report output allows any combination of spectral charts to be included with the report.
  • A humidity status icon added to the diagnostics section reports the internal humidity status of the instrument.
  • The Buffer-Subtracted Spectra is now the default view for spectral plots.
  • A new user option allows the buffer spectra to be hidden by default when spectra are loaded in the spectral charts.
  • The database format has been updated to allow easier archiving and restoration of data. The database format is updated automatically when the user logs into the new version.
  • Each user now has the option to create an archival backup copy of their current spectral data and database.
  • An administrative option to restore any user’s backup archival data has been added. Data can be restored to the original user or a new user.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 support has been added to software. This mode of operation must be activated using a registration key code.
  • With 21CFR11 mode enabled, the operator must enter digital signature information each time a report PDF file is generated. All PDF report files are write-protected and digitally signed to prevent modification.
  • With 21CFR11 mode enabled, calibration method files are now check-summed. The method file will not be available for use if the check-sum is not valid.
  • Additional administrator options have been added specifically for 21 CFR Part 11.
  • With 21CFR11 mode enabled, users must type their user name and password. Passwords expire every 90 days and the user cannot reuse the last three passwords.
  • With 21CFR11 mode enabled, an audit history record documents when users logged into or out of the main screen, entered an incorrect password or were locked out of the system, as well as other major events. Changes to the Program Options are recorded in the audit history. An audit history report can be generated by administrators.

Direct Detect® Spectrometer
Version Operating System Download Software
Direct Detect® Spectrometer Software Version 3.0 Windows (XP, Vista and 7) – 75MB Download Now

Software Installation Instruction:

If the Netbook computer used to operate the spectrometer is configured for web access, download the files directly onto the Netbook hard drive.

From any other computer, download the files onto a USB memory stick and transfer them to the Netbook for installation.

If you are not able to download the files or transfer them to the Netbook computer, please contact Technical Service using the Contact Us link at the top of the page.