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Milliflex® Rapid System 2.0

Automated, rapid detection and enumeration of microbial contamination based on ATP bioluminescence

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Catalogue NumberDescriptionComponentsPack Size
MXRPSPRKTMilliflex® Rapid AutoSpray Station
  • Includes: AutoSpray station
  • Filter holder
  • Pad holder
  • Nebulizer cleaner
  • 5ml female syringe
  • 3nebulizers
  • silicone liquid tubes
  • 2stainless steel caps
  • Universal power supply adaptor

*20 cleanings, 2 decontaminations

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Milliflex Rapid Validation ProtocolsClear Sorting & Filtering Show Filter
Catalogue NumberDescriptionComponentsPack Size
MMSANSYFUMilliflex Oasis® consumables for internal flow sanitization kit 24
MXRPBLRSTMilliflex® Rapid Reagent Kit
  • Includes: ATP releasing agent, 2bottles
  • Bioluminescent reagent, 2bottles
  • Reconstitution buffer, sterile, 2bottles
  • 2 syringes
  • 5Luer-Lok® caps
  • 6vial adapters
100 tests
MXRPCLKT1Milliflex® Rapid Cleaning/Decontamination Kit
  • Includes: Rinsing agent, 4bottles
  • Cleaning agent, 4bottles
  • Decontamination agent, 1bottle
  • 10Luer-Lok® caps
  • 9vial adapters

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