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ProSep® Ultra Plus Chromatography Media

Designed for high throughput affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins.



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What is the difference between ProSep-vA Ultra and ProSep-vA High Capacity chromatography media?Prosep-vA Ultra uses a 700 angstrom pore size porous glass and ProSep vA High Capacity uses a 1000 Angstrom porous glass. The Prosep-vA Ultra has a greater surface area due to the smaller pore size, which allows the immobilization of a larger amount of protein A. The increased amount of protein A results in a higher capacity resin.
How do I choose between ProSep-vA Ultra versus ProSep-vA High Capacity?Prosep-vA Ultra has a higher binding capacity than ProSep-vA High Capacity - ≥ 56mg/ml vs ≥ 40 mg/ml.

ProSep-vA High Capacity has a larger pore size and may perform better when purifying fusion proteins or antibody conjugates with molecular weights above 150 kD.
What is the shelf life of the Prosep-A family of protein A affinity media?One Year. Shelf life studies are ongoing and will be increased as data becomes available. Please contact Technical Service for further shelf life information.
What is Prosep-vA ?ProSep-vA is native protein A derived from Staphylococcus aureus which has been immobilized onto porous glass beads. ProSep-vA is available on glass of two diffferent porosities - ProSep-vA ultra (700 angstroms) and ProSep-vA High Capacity (1000 angstroms)
Do you provide reguatory support?A regulatory reference document is available for ProSep-vA High Capacity and will soon be available for Prosep-vA Ultra.

As the raw materials and the chemistry used in the manufacture of ProSep-vA Ultra are the same as for ProSep-vA High Capacity , the regulators will be familiar with the product. ProSep-vA High Capacity has been and is widely used in various licensed MAb products and products in clinical trails.

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