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Dehydrated Culture Media


The Advantages of Our Granulated Culture Media Over Powdered Media

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Merck’s traditional dehydrated culture media are based on a superior granulation technology which guarantees that our products provide maximum convenience and safety, while meeting the highest industry performance standards.

Media granulation significantly reduces the formation of dust, thereby minimizing not only the working environment contamination: this property vastly limits the spread of hazardous media components and other substances which are not commonly regarded as hazardous but may lead to allergic reactions if they are inhaled by staff.

Merck granulated culture media possess excellent wettability, solubility and free-flowing properties, making them much easier to use than traditional powdered media. Granulated culture media are also more homogenous, thereby minimizing the separation of components and clumping even under warm or humid conditions and prolonging the shelf life of products to up to five years. The granulation process allows many supplements to be included, which eliminates the need to purchase and add these yourself.

The animal components we use for our media (except some derived from milk) are exclusively sourced from TSE/BSE-free countries and are in accordance with the highest safety standards. We select only premium raw materials to guarantee high recovery and growth rates, which are essential for subsequent rapid testing.

GranuCult™ Culture Media
Compliant with Quality controlled by ISO/IEC 17025 :2005 accredited laboratory

GranuCult™ GranuCultTM is the new brand name for our existing granulated, dehydrated culture media which are quality controlled by an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, certifying full compliance with EN ISO 11133:2014 as well as with individual standards.

Have compliance and reliability in easy reach:

  • Easy visibility of compliance on new product label and new Certificate of Analysis
  • Additional number of test strains in Merck QC procedures to exceed regulatory demands
  • Great batch-to-batch reproducibility
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