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HY-RiSE® NAD Rapid Detection Test Kit


HY-RiSE® NAD Rapid
Detection Test Kit

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Cleaning Processes are Improved in a Controllable Manner

HY-RiSE® is designed for checking the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting organic impurities in the form of product residues even on surfaces considered clean after visual inspection. This kit does not require the use of an analytical instrument. HY-RiSE® measures nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides (NAD, NADH) and their phosphates. These compounds are found in all living cells, including microorganisms, as well as in food and food debris.

Color development on the test strip indicates a positive result and thus that the tested surface is not clean.
The detection of biological residues invisible upon visual inspection enables timely re-cleaning. Cleaning processes are improved in a controllable manner.

HY-RiSE® NAD Rapid Detection Kit

HY-RiSE® NAD Rapid Detection Kit

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Fast The qualitative result is available after a few minutes, so that appropriate corrective measures can be initiated even prior to the start of production.
Mobile One test set comprises the material and test strips needed for 50 tests together with the instructions. It comes in a small box that comfortably fits into your pocket to be taken along.
Simple Very easy handling of the three-drop test since no analytical instrument is required.
Easy evaluation The easy evaluation scheme (clean /unclean) enables clear interpretation of analytical results even by untrained users
Reliable In comparison to visual inspection and to protein-based tests the HY-RiSE® is markedly more sensitive.