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Air Monitoring Media


Culture Media for Active Air Monitoring Systems

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A wide selection of ready-to-use agar media and testing solutions is available from Merck for reliable active air monitoring to keep your manufacturing facilities – and thus the products you produce – safe. These high quality settle plates, contact plates, agar strips and media cassettes are ideally suited for use with our proven active air monitoring systems – and they are available in product variants specifically for use in either less critical or highly critical clean rooms and isolators. In combination, they match perfectly and conveniently for the monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases – for rapid and reliable results in the course of your environmental monitoring routines.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with users and authorities – to make sure they are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and they follow international guidelines for critical and controlled environments such as EU, cGMP, USP or FDA Aseptic Guidance.

Contact plates

Contact Plates

Contact plates are the perfect match for our MAS-100® air sampling systems. They are available for non-critical areas as well as for critical areas.

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HYCON® agar strips

HYCON® Agar Strips

HYCON® agar strips are the perfect media for use with the RCS® microbial air monitoring systems. These strips are available as total count or selective media for specific microorganisms.

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M Air T® cassettes

M Air T® Cassettes

M Air T® cassettes are the perfect media for use with the M Air T® microbial air samplers. Our pre-filled agar cassettes are sterile and easy to load.

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Settle plates

Settle Plates

Settle plates are the ideal media for use with the MAS-100® microbial air sampling systems. They are available as gamma-irradiated and non-irradiated settle plates.

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Growth on Culture Media Video

Growth on Culture
Media Video

Air sampling using ICR
settle plates.

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