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Surface & Personnel Monitoring


On the surface of safety, but not superficial.

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Surface and personnel monitoring is a critical tool in the health and pharmaceutical industry where many measures are taken to keep production plants clean and minimize the risk of contamination. To monitor the efficiency of these measures proven methods are required, such as easy-to-use contact plates, contact slides or swabs.

To that end, Merck offers a wide range of contact plates, contact slides, dip slides and swabs adapted to cleanroom requirements and different surface types. For highly critical areas such as cleanrooms (ISO 5) or isolators, we provide triple-bagged, gamma-irradiated ICR/ICRplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates and HYCON® Contact Slides. They are ideally completed by our ICR Swabs for difficult to access locations, like tubing of filling needles. The safe choice for less critical environments is our single-bagged, non-irradiated RT/RTplus and Envirocheck® Contact Plates and Envirocheck® Dip Slides. Since every country has its own standards, our surface and personnel monitoring solutions meet them all – to keep your products safe worldwide.

Contact Plates for Surface & Personnel Monitoring

Contact Plates

Contact plates are available as non-irradiated or gamma-irradiated for non-critical as well as critical areas.

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HYCON® Contact Slides for Surface & Personnel Monitoring

HYCON® Contact Slides

HYCON® Contact Slides allow safe and easy monitoring of flat and curved surfaces.

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heipha ICR Swabs

ICR Swabs

The ICR Swabs are gamma-irradiated and triple-sleeved for surface and personnel monitoring in critical areas.

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Growth on Culture Media Video

Growth on Culture
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Air sampling using ICR
settle plates.

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Environmental Monitoring Brochure

Environmental Monitoring

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