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Hemacolor® Rapid Staining


Hemacolor® Rapid Staining: The 30-second Formula

Hemacolor Rapid StainingThe Hemacolor® rapid staining kit is part of our sophisticated microscopy range. It combines the brilliance and reproducibility of Pappenheim staining with the efficiency of a rapid stain.

The staining kits contain all necessary reagents: buffer tablets plus three ready-to-use solutions. Whether for manual or automated methods, Hemacolor® kits allow you to produce Pappenheim stains in about 30 seconds. Moreover, the buffer tablets ensure staining stability according to defined pH conditions. Due to their long shelf lives, our high-quality rapid staining kits not only save time – but also costs. All Hemacolor® reagents are CE certified, IVD-registered products and are supplied in economic package sizes.


Hemacolor® is a fast staining kit that combines the brilliance and reproducibility of the Pappenheim method with the efficiency of a rapid stain. The kit delivers results that are comparable to standard Pappenheim staining in less than 1 minute. Moreover, the kit’s highly stable solutions ensure brilliant and reproducible stains.


The Auto-Hemacolor® system was developed for automatic staining of blood and bone marrow smears in conjunction with the Hematek® (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics) slide stainer. The kit contains a staining solution, a buffer and a washing solution. Staining is achieved by the alkaline dye (azure) binding to the acidic builders of the cells (e.g. chromatin, spongioplasm) and the acidic dye (eosin) binding to the alkaline constituents (e.g. cytoplasm).

Product Range

  • Hemacolor® rapid staining kit: Buffer tablets and three ready-to-use solutions (fixing solution, red solution, blue solution)
  • Individual Hemacolor® rapid staining solutions are also available

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