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Granulated Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

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Easy handling for improved process efficiency


Standard bulk materials often show a tendency towards caking, clumping, and dust formation, which can reduce process efficiency and safety. In contrast, our granulated raw materials are free-flowing and easy to handle. Reduced caking and clumping result in enhanced processability, improving both manufacturing speed and operator safety. You can rely on our granulated materials to help reduce process interruptions, quality deviations, and operator safety risks.

  • Greatly reduced caking
  • Better handling and processability
  • Increased operator safety
  • Multi-compendial
  • Emprove® Expert products feature low endotoxin levels for high-risk applications

Discover our new dry granulated pharmaceutical raw materials:


Dry granulation by roller compaction:

Our granulated pharmaceutical raw materials are compacted using dry granulation.Dry granulation of our raw materials is achieved by roller compaction, which is especially suitable for heat- and moisture-sensitive materials. Materials are condensed by compression force only, without the use of water or other additives. As a result, raw material characteristics are preserved, and the highest quality standards are met.

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Your Fast Track Through Regulatory Challenges.
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