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Chemical Waste

Top Priority: Safety and Health

Customer Issue: It is everyone's legal and moral responsibility to minimize the amount of waste produced and to dispose of chemical waste in a way that has the least impact on the environment. Technical expertise is needed to effectively manage this major challenge.

Merck's Solution: With Merck you can reduce the amount of chemicals that may become waste! We offer you the possibility to order small amounts of chemicals. Smaller packages are emptied faster, which lessens the likelihood of decomposition or having chemicals pass their expiration dates. In addition, on our Web site we offer you valuable tips for collecting and neutralizing laboratory waste.

Benefits for You: We offer you more than 5000 products in small packs. The safety advantage of hazardous products in small packs is obvious: there is less or no residue hence disposal is easier. You can save disposal costs, which are frequently much higher than the original cost of the chemical. As the cost of chemical reagents and disposal continues to climb, any reduction in the volume of chemicals purchased will offer benefits. Furthermore, we offer you information on our Web site about possibilities to recycle unused and used chemicals by appropriate pretreatment.


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