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pH Tests for Rapid On-Site Analysis

pH Papers, pH Solutions and MQuant® Strips Require Nothing Else.

pH value plays a highly important role in biochemistry, chemistry and technology. It affects numerous chemical processes. The results of many analytical methods are influenced by the pH of the solvent or buffer. The measurement can be made with a pH meter or with rapid tests, such as pH indicator paper or strips and pH indicator solutions (pH indicator mixtures).

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Test Kits/LE-ph-Tests-150x119-09102013.jpg"Why can't my university tests be as easy as pH tests from Merck?"
Cho Li X., undergraduate

Research or industry – no matter what Cho chooses when she graduates, she's sure to find Merck´s pH test strips and papers waiting on the desk, just as she did when she was in college. 

Five Advantages of Rapid Tests

pH indicator papers, MQuant strips and solutions for rapid on-site analysis
  • they can be used directly on the spot
  • no additional aid or sample preparation is required
  • the results are available within seconds
  • they are high-quality standard thanks to the use of primary reference materials from NIST and PTB
  • calibration and checking using certified buffer solutions

The highly accurate results enable the user to take any necessary countermeasures immediately – in environmental analysis as well as in the industrial sector as part of in-process controls. Merck offers you a large number of products for pH measurements with different methods of operation: various pH indicator papers, MQuant® pH test strips, and pH indicator solutions.

pH Indicator Papers are the Classical Choice

pH indicator papers – the classical choice for quick on-site pH tests pH indicator papers by Merck are well suited for long-term storage. Supplied in rolls, they are well protected against external influences such as moisture, light, and acid and alkaline gases.

pH indicator papers are manufactured by impregnating high-quality filter paper with indicator or mixed-indicator solutions. Then the paper is dried, cut and packed into the corresponding sizes.

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Handy, Quick, and Highly Accurate MQuant® pH Indicator Strips

MColorpHast ™ ph indicator strips for handy, quick and highly accurate analysesMQuant® pH Indicator strips contain special indicator dyes that are covalently bound to the cellulose of the reagent paper. Merck pH indicator strips are non bleeding and highly accurate, even with weak buffers.

Another innovative addition to Merck’s test kits: transparent pH test strips for turbid solutions. The unique strips make sample preparation measures – such as filtration or clarification – needles.

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pH Indicator Solutions for Special Applications

Liquid pH indicators Liquid pH indicators by Merck deliver rapid and accurate results in colorless and clear test solutions. They are well suited for measurements in drinking water, boiler water, wastewater, surface water, aquarium water, swimming-pool water, and soil samples.

Liquid pH indicators by Merck are rapid, accurate, and easy to handle.

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Individual pH Indicator Papers and MQuant® Test Strips 

Individual pH indicator papers and MQuant test strips As a special service and to enhance your product promotion Merck offers you three different options to customize and individualize your indicator papers and MQuant® test strips with your own brand name

  • single sealed test strips
  • tubes with list items or tailor-made test strips
  • customized innovative products
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