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Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)

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Antibody-drug conjugation technology uses monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to deliver potent, highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) to targeted cells. In conjugated form, HPAPIs exhibit selective cytotoxicity which help spare non-target cells from toxic effects, thereby improving the overall safety profile of the therapy for the patient.

The complex nature of an ADC requires expertise in small and large molecule development, manufacturing, formulation and testing.

Choosing an experienced partner with these skills and the required containment facilities will advance your ADC to market. Whether you are looking to build your process based on our tailored technology platforms or need a service provider—or maybe even both—we can collaborate with you.

Our ADC Services – integrated from gene sequence to liquid bulk

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The power of cooperation: overview of our full ADC services offering - 2:39
Martillac Video
Accelerate with the right development: clinical mAb supplies - 2:00
Madison/Verona Video
Find your missing link: payload and linker - 2:39
St. Louis Video
Connect the dots: ADC conjugation - 2:42

ADC Express™ – Pre-clinical Conjugation Services for the Best Candidate Selection

Our ADC Express™ pre-clinical conjugation services help accelerate production of development-grade ADC constructs with essential analytical characterization of key quality attributes.

The combination of our extensive bioconjugation expertise and proven platform technology will efficiently turn your antibody and/or linker and payload into an ADC, enable scaling and shorten your path to the clinic.

ADC Express™ features

  • Mini-prep scale: 10–20 mg ADC construct ± column purification
  • Medium-prep scale: up to 100 mg ADC ± column purification
  • Certificate of testing with key quality attributes
  • ADC concentration
  • Payload density/DAR (drug antibody ratio)
  • Monomer/aggregate content
  • Free residual payload

Know Your ADC’s Critical Quality Attributes

The more analytical work you do in early phases to understand every aspect of an ADC, the fewer surprises you have at the end. Working with a partner who has the capabilities to perform product characterization on a high level, gives you access to new technologies and techniques at the forefront of today’s analytical methods rather than making long-term investments before you know how your drug performs in the market.

Learn more about how you can streamline your ADC development and mitigate risks through product characterization.

Our ADC product offering – take advantage of our dedicated technological innovations

Tackle your manufacturing challenges with our technological innovations
ADCs require advanced manufacturing suites and dedicated equipment to characterize the molecule and demonstrate its purity, homogeneity and stability. They also require an extended containment strategy to protect operators and the environment from any contamination. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products to fit your ADC manufacturing needs.

Find process solutions with our "Biopharmaceutical Application Guide". Explore simplicity with our novel single-use TFF Pellicon® Capsule.

ADC Services

Rely on our expertise to help you develop the right process, the right systems and the right solutions for your ADC.

The search for the “magic bullet” to selectively deliver a cytotoxic agent to the site of a cancerous cell has been the goal of clinical oncology for more than 100 years. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that can help you bring your magic bullet to market faster and more efficiently.