Astrocyte Markers

NameGlial TargetCatalogue Number
Anti-Astrocytes (Clone J1-31) Astrocytes, Astrocytomas, Muller cells, tanycytes and ciliated ependymal cells. MAB5372
AQP4 Astrocyte end feet. AB3594-50UL, AB2218
GFAP All astroglial cells. MAB3402, MAB3402X, MAB5628, AB5541, AB5804, MAB360
GFAP-delta Subpial, subgranular zone astrocytes, SVZ NSC astrocytes. AB9598
GFAP+1 GFAP+1 produced in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease or Down syndrome patients.
HES-1 (Hairy 1) Early astrocyte differentiation.
Notch1 Early astrocyte differentiation. MAB5352, MAB5414
A2B5 Neuronal Cell Surface Antigen. Epitope common to sialogangliosides and sulfatides from the plasma membranes of neurons, neuroendocrine and glial cells. Type 2 astrocytes but not Type 1. MAB312R
Non-selenium Glutathione Peroxidase (NSGP) Astrocytes; central core of Lewy bodies.
Glutamine Synthetase Astrocytes. MAB302
pPED/PEA-15 (Ser116) Astrocytes. 07-865