TargetLocalizationCatalogue Number
CD90 [Thy-1] Neurons, thymocytes, connective tissue CBL415, CBL415F, CBL415P
CDw90 [Thy-1.1] Neurons, thymocytes, connective tissue CBL1500F, MAB1406
Encephalopsin PO, PVN, Purkinje cells, other select regions AB9143, AB9423
GAD65 [Glutamate Decarboxylase] Glutamatergic neurons MAB351, AB1511
GAP-43 [Growth Associated Protein 43] Differentiating and regenerating neurons MAB347, AB9854, AB5220, AB5312, AB5401
LINGO-1 Differentiating and regenerating neurons 07-678
Na+/K+ ATPase subunits All neurons AB9094, 06-172, 06-170, 05-382, 06-171
Neuron Cell Surface Antigen [A2B5] Neurons, glia MAB312