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ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer

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ImageStream®<sup>X</sup> Mark II imaging flow cytometer.
The revolutionary ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer combines the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. This unique combination enables a broad range of applications that would be impossible using either technique alone.

This instrument produces multiple high-resolution images of every cell directly in flow, including brightfield and darkfield (SSC), and up to 10 fluorescent markers with sensitivity exceeding conventional flow cytometers. Compared to its predecessor, the new ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer offers a streamlined workflow, greater flexibility, and optimizations for rare cell applications.

Taken together, the capabilities of the ImageStream®X Mark II system make it superior for traditional flow applications while transforming the scope of flow cytometry. Applications include the study of cell-cell interactions, phagocytosis, apoptosis and autophagy, the characterization of circulating tumor cells, and many others.

Featured ImageStream®X Video

Watch how imaging in flow has changed research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

At the RPCI Flow and Image Cytometry facility, Drs. Paul Wallace, Hans Minderman and staff provide users with the best tools available for increasing statistical power and throughput for applications like measuring NFkB translocation that were formerly performed by laborious microscopy. Watch to learn how Amnis® protocols have helped RPCI researchers detect rare events like circulating tumor cells.

Fast: Acquire More Cells

The ImageStream®Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer can analyze up to 5,000 cells/sec with real-time intensity compensation — ideal for rare cell analysis.

Easy to Use: Increased Power, Less Complicated

The intuitive user interface provides real-time plotting and graphical gating, as well as images of every cell. The easy-to-use compensation wizard quickly guides you through setup of multi-color compensation matrices.

Flexible: Fits Your Sample, Your Targets, Your Fluorophores

The ImageStream®XMark II Imaging Flow Cytometer accepts up to 7 lasers and works with sample volumes of 20-200 ul for added experimental flexibility — perfect for multi-user laboratories.

Efficient: Less Sample Volume, Less Sample Waste

Fluidics that provide up to 95% sample utilization when every cell is required. Recover unused sample for further analysis when orthogonal methods are required.

Any Upgrade, Any Time

The modular design of the ImageStream®Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer allows the system to grow with your research needs and budget through a broad range of field-installable options. Most options, including additional lasers, can be installed at the factory or upgraded in the field by Merck-certified field service personnel.