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The Mobius® Power MIX single-use mixing systems combine high performance mixing technology with design features that make them easy-to-use. The impeller design and motor are based on our magnetically coupled NovAseptic® mixing technology, a proven mixing technology in stainless steel tanks. These systems efficiently mix the most challenging buffers, media and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

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Broad working volumes that extend from 15% of the lower limit of a vessel's capacity to 10% of the maximum volume provide great flexibility
Wide range of sizes for maximum flexibility in biomanufacturing. Available in 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 2500 and 3000 L models ... Ordering Information
Easily installed, common motors & drive units across size groupings: 100/200/500, 1000/2000 and 2500/3000 ... Ordering Information
Easy set up and operation, no matter what size you need. Watch the Mobius Power MIX 2000 get set up in minutes ... View Video
Easily accessible, closed, sterile, zero deadleg sampling directly from the mixing containers
Probe Port for re-usable probe or pre-installed, pre-calibrated Hamilton OneFerm pH Sensor.
Options on the stainless steel versions include integrated load cells and temperature sensor
Use with the PureFlex™ family of single-use process container films- high purity, medical grade and coextruded to provide strength, flexibility (with maximum resistance to flex-crack), excellent gas barrier performance, and inert contact.
Powerful magnetically coupled impeller based on our NovAseptic® mixing technology efficiently mixes the most challenging buffers, media and biopharmaceutical ingredients.
Monitor & control remotely with ready to connect control box.

Expanded Mobius® Power MIX Family Data Sheet

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Mobius® Power MIX: Scalability in Mixing Application Note

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Comparison Between Experimental Data and Computational Fluid Dynamics in Mixing Applications

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Introducing the expanded Mobius® Power MIX family

Designed to meet your toughest buffer and media challenges

2500, 3000 L Models – Jacketed Stainless Steel
1000, 2000 L Models – Jacketed Stainless Steel
100, 200, 500 L Models – Jacketed Stainless Steel
100,200, 500 L Models – HDPE

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