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Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution

A Superior Perfusion Solution for Seed Train Intensification with Optimized Process Control

N-1 Perfusion

The increasing pressure to reduce biological manufacturing costs while improving flexibility is driving a renewed interest in perfusion. Perfusion operations deliver high density cell cultures that alleviate the burden of processing large production bioreactor volumes while increasing manufacturing flexibility. Introducing perfusion to your seed train makes it possible to inoculate a higher quantity of cells for one or more production bioreactors, thus increasing process efficiency.

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The benchtop Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution is designed to meet your perfused seed train challenges. It consists of a controller and a flat sheet cell retention filter running in tangential flow filtration mode built in a single-use assembly. This easy-to-use solution increases perfusion process efficiency, provides real-time monitoring and control for reliable and consistent performance.


  • High throughput and low fouling
  • Predictable linear scale up from bench-top to manufacturing scale
  • Reliable and reproducible performance
  • Low crossflow and cell shear
  • Comprehensive monitoring and precise control
  • Ready to process in minutes
Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution Services

Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution Services

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are highly regulated and, to help you navigate this challenging environment, we offer a wide range of services. These services help you save time, lower costs, and comply with regulations.

For your peace of mind, all our services are performed by our global experts who have a unique intimate knowledge of our equipment backed by years of experience.

Contact us for services specific to Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution

Mobius® 3L Bioreactor

Mobius® 3L Bioreactor

Eliminate the need to clean, autoclave and assemble your traditional glass bioreactors and save days of downtime with the Mobius® 3L Single-use Bioreactor.

The Mobius® 3 L single-use bioreactor combines the predictability of a stirred tank design with the flexibility of single-use, making it the ideal solution for bench scale cell culture process development and N-1 perfusion.

  • Ready to use – comes pre-assembled and gamma irradiated
  • Utilize your existing controller – eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment
  • Comparable functionality to conventional glass bioreactors
  • Scalable to our larger offering of bioreactors, ranging from 50L to 2000L
Cellicon™ Filter

Cellicon™ Filter

Unique Cell Retention Device Designed for Perfusion

Cellicon™ filter has been specifically developed for perfusion, effectively retaining cells while maximizing throughput. Its unique design ensures predictable & linear scale-up and scale-down from the bench to production. This simple and easy-to-use solution is up and running in minutes.

  • Selected design and pore size allow for high throughput and low fouling
  • Predictable and linear scale up from bench to manufacturing scale
  • Reliable performance between runs
  • Low crossflow maintaining high cell viability
Cellicon™ Controller

Cellicon™ Controller

Comprehensively Monitor and Control the Perfusion Process

Precise management of the perfusion process is ensured by the Cellicon™ controller, through an intuitive interface. Flow control maintains consistent crossflow and pressure, while ensuring balanced polarization and reproducible performance from run to run.

  • Comprehensive monitoring - Real-time pressure display with configurable alerts
  • Consistent flow performance with flowmeter feedback
  • Ready to start in minutes
  • Maintain a high cell viability with Recirculation via a gentle levitating pump


Add Perfusion To Your Seed Train Operations

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Cellicon™ Perfusion Solution

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