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BioContinuum™ Seed Train Platform: The gateway to next generation bioprocessing

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Due to the changing landscape of the industry and the demand for smaller batches, seed train intensification using next generation bioprocessing technologies is driving a considerable amount of interest from the industry, especially for perfusion-based upstream processes.

The seed train is a critical part of the bioprocess, generating sufficient biomass to inoculate the production bioreactor and begin protein production in an optimized manner. In a traditional seed train, this is achieved by passaging cells from a working cell bank vial through increasingly larger cultivation systems including shake flasks, rocking motion bioreactors, and stirred tank bioreactors.

The typical seed train process is time and labor intensive, requiring operators to transfer and cultivate the cells manually. It also has an increased risk of contamination due to the open nature of the early stages of cell expansion, when cryovials are thawed and cells are manually transferred under a laminar-flow hood. The goals of seed train intensification are to lower manufacturing costs, achieve higher process throughput, increase flexibility, and reduce risk. This can be achieved by implementing perfusion operations in cell bank manufacturing to accelerate expansion and achieve greater cell density in the N-1 bioreactor and/or using high cell density cryopreservation methods.




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