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BioContinuum Platform for Next Generation Bioprocessing

BioContinuum™ Ultrafiltration Platform

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Single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) has found widespread use in solving facility fit challenges as a result of the higher product mass produced in an intensified upstream process. With out the need for hold tanks or a retentate loop, flow-through operation makes single-pass TFF a natural fit for continuous bioprocessing. Recent work has shown that coupling SPTFF with chromatography unit operations can improve their efficiency and productivity. Lastly, SPTFF is uniquely positioned to provide high concentration formulations with improved product recovery during the final formulation step.


Discover Pellicon® Single-Pass TFF

Tech Talk - Using single-use technology to enable single-pass TFF.

Tech Talk - Single-pass tangential flow filtration for bioprocessing.

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