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BioContinuum Platform for Next Generation Bioprocessing

Advance & Digitize Your Bioprocess

You've optimized each variable in your bioprocess, tirelessly exploring every possible idea, product, and process improvement, carefully and diligently applying refinements to your unit operations, and squeezing every bit of efficiency so you can increase your productivity and deliver biotherapies faster and cheaper to the market. Yet the market demands more, while also making it even more challenging to make change.

You're asked to deliver higher efficiencies, even through unprecedented complexities of regulations, budgets, internal structure, and decision-making. You don't need a new filter, resin, bioreactor. You need a new perspective. One that breaks across unit operations, silos, and specific disciplines within biomanufacturing.

We recognize the challenges you face as you set out on your journey to transform your industry. That's why we're taking a new vantage point on bioprocessing.

With the BioContinuum™ Platform, we've created a single environment for our Next Generation Bioprocessing offering, one that encompasses intensified, connected or continuous processing and software, automation and analytical technologies. Through the convergence of both disciplines, we're providing the building blocks to help you achieve your bioprocessing goals. We enable you to confidently enter the era of Bioprocessing 4.0. by delivering increased speed, greater flexibility and enhanced quality while reducing costs and risks.

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Shifting the Biomanufacturing Paradigm: Next Generation Bioprocessing



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What's the BioContinuum™ Platform and what's in It for biomanufacturers: An interview with Merrilee Whitney, head of BioContinuum™ Platform.

Merrilee Whitney, Head of our BioContinuum™ Platform discusses with Andrew Bulpin, Head of Process Solutions about the Next Generation Bioprocessing, also known as Bioprocessing 4.0.