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Product Announcement: Applied Solutions

Elix® High-Throughput Water Purification System Delivers
Up to 9000 Liters of Pure Water per Day

Elix® High-Throughput Water Purification System

13 July 2016

Elix® High-Throughput systems have been designed to deliver the highest pure water quality for your regular laboratory applications and instrument feed. Elix® High-Throughput systems offer connected, sustainable central pure water solutions for volume needs up to 9000 L daily, making them the perfect choice for large laboratories or lab buildings. Elix® water quality is ideal for the preparation of reagents and buffers, for microbiology media, hydroponics or histology. It is also the best feed for all Milli-Q® and high-throughput Super-Q® ultrapure water systems, as well as equipment such as glassware washers, clinical analyzers, stability chambers, humidifiers, weathering test equipment, autoclaves and hydrogen generators.

All Elix® systems are equipped with the best-in-class Elix® electrodeionization technology. It provides:

  • Superior and consistent Type 2 water quality – “Superior,” as resin beads are not degraded by exposure to harsh regeneration chemicals. “Consistent,” as the continuous regeneration avoids the drawbacks of quality variations from resin exhaustion.
  • Cost & labor savings – The Elix® module contains special carbon beads at its cathode and therefore, does not require water softening. Its self-regeneration technology avoids the hassle and costs of DI cartridge replacement. Elix® is “green,” consuming low energy with a small carbon footprint.
  • Long-lasting technology – thanks to its proven design, the module continuously regenerates its resin beads without the need for any maintenance

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