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Product Announcement: Applied Solutions

Spectroquant® Prove Simplifies Water Analysis with a New Class of Spectrophotometers

Spectroquant® Prove Family of Spectrophotometers

January 2016

Our goal was to build the perfect tool for water analysis. One that unites the simplicity you want with the security you need, and durability you expect. Spectroquant® Prove delivers all these and more. Its intuitive controls, and our popular Spectroquant® test kits make analysis smoother than ever. Spectroquant® Prove. It just makes your work flow.

Our new Spectroquant® Prove family of spectrophotometers includes applications for waste water, drinking water and beverages, and process water. It offers the largest choice of water test kits and methods. And it's available in three models to meet a broad range of applications – from routine applications to sensitive measurements to complex analysis:

  • Spectroquant® Prove 100 performs Vis measurements and offers high quality and exceptional value for routine applications with Spectroquant® cell test kits.
  • Spectroquant® Prove 300 allows UV/Vis analyses and its long-lasting xenon lamp makes it ideal for more intensive use. Preprogrammed free applications make it the perfect choice for drinking water and beverage testing.
  • Spectroquant® Prove 600 offers all the benefits of the Prove 300 system, delivers excellent resolution and sensitivity and is designed for complex analyses with high-end UV/Vis optics. The system offers a 1.8 nm bandwidth and cuvettes up to 100 mm.

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