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Silver Staining Kit for Detection of Calcium Deposits

Silver staining kit for detection of calcium depositsThe silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa is designed for simple, reproducible detection of calcium deposits in tissue samples. Tissue calcification has been implicated in problems with metabolic processes. It’s also present in tumors. Correct detection of calcium deposits contributes to accurate diagnosis. 

Silver staining is an excellent method for visualizing calcium deposits in tissue samples. While it offers incredible sensitivity, many things can interfere with the silver staining process. Fortunately, the Merck silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa solves the interference problem. The kit makes detection of calcium both simple and reproducible.

In the von Kossa method, silver nitrate solution reacts with calcium compounds within the tissue sample. Calcium ions are replaced by silver ions. After careful exposure to light, the brown-black stained calcium structures become clearly visible. Nuclear fast-red is recommended as a counter stain.

The critical event in this silver staining process is the light exposure. That’s why detailed instructions, including a trouble-shooting guide, are included with the kit to insure your success. The von Kossa silver staining kit can support your lab accreditation. It is a CE-certified IVD product that is accompanied by comprehensive quality and process documentation. 

Ordering Information
Silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa
Contains reagents for staining up to 300 tissue specimens: 
  • 100 ml silver nitrate solution
  • 100 ml sodium thiosulfate solution
  • detailed instruction manual trouble-shooting is included
Nuclear fast red-aluminum sulfate solution 0.1% 100121