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Metabolic Control

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Anti-Somatostatin Antibody, clone YC7

Confocal fluorescent analysis of PC12 cells using Anti-Somatostatin, clone YC7 (Cat. No. MAB354, Red). Actin filaments have been labeled with Alexa Fluor® 488 dye (Green). Nuclei are stained with DAPI (Blue).
The central nervous system is a complex environment consisting of billions of neurons and glial support cells. These neurons use chemical signals to communicate information. Cellular metabolism is the process by which cells convert biochemical energy into ATP, using multiple pathways, including glycolysis, fatty acid oxidation, the Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation. Cellular metabolism studies can be applied to multiple research areas and diseases, including cancer, neurodegeneration, aging, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular disease and toxicity. Merck offers antibodies for metabolic control, to targets such as: various hormones and their receptors, TMPAP, UGCG, PPP1C, DGL-a, carboxylases, galactosidases, and many more.

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