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Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 Water Purification Systems

An integrated ultrapure and pure water system that is intelligent, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.



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Water Systems Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
ZIQ7003T0Milli-Q® IQ 7003 Water Purification System
ZIQ7005T0Milli-Q® IQ 7005 Water Purification System
ZIQ7010T0Milli-Q® IQ 7010 Water Purification System
ZIQ7015T0Milli-Q® IQ 7015 Water Purification System

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System Consumables Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
5874316024EfferSan Effervescent Tablets (US) 24
5874316024CEfferSan Effervescent Tablets (CA) 24
ASMUVLPA1ech2o® ASM lamp 1
IPAKGARA1IPAK Gard® 3-5 pretreatment pack 1
IPAKGARA2IPAK Gard® 10-15 pretreatment pack 1
IPAKGARH1IPAK Gard® H 3-5 pretreatment pack 1
IPAKGARH2IPAK Gard® H 10-15 pretreatment pack 1
IPAKQUAA1IPAK Quanta® polishing cartridge 1
IQ700XPKT1Milli-Q® IQ 7003-5 Purification kit 1
IQ70XXPKT1Milli-Q® IQ 7010-15 Purification Kit 1
IQ7XUVKT1ech2o® Lamp Kit 1
TANKV01A1Vent filter 1
TANKVH1A1Vent filter HF (for high flow application) 1
ZFA10UVA1ech2o® A10 TOC lamp 1
ZIQUVLPA1ech2o® oxidation lamp 1
ZIXUVLPA1ech2o® Bactericidal UV Lamp 1
ZWCL01F50ROProtect C 48

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Application-Paks Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon Pack Sizeicon
CDUFBI0A1Biopak® Polisher 1
EDSPAK0A1EDS-Pak® Polisher 1
LCPAK00A1LC-Pak® Polisher 1
MPGP002A1Millipak® 0.22 µm filter 1
MPGPG02A1Millipak® Gold 0.22 µm sterile filter 1
V0CPAK0A1VOC-Pak® Polisher 1

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Accessories Clear Sorting & Filtering
Catalogue Numbericon Descriptionicon
EXTSV00A1External solenoid valve
SYSTFIXA1Wall mounting bracket for Milli-Q® IQ/IX systems.
TANKA025Milli-Q® IQ/IX storage tank frame 25 L
TANKA050Milli-Q® IQ/IX storage tank frame 50 L
TANKA100Milli-Q® IQ/IX storage tank frame 100 L
TANKFIXA1Wall mounting bracket for Milli-Q® IQ/IX storage tank
TANKT0PA1Milli-Q® IQ/IX storage tank top assembly
ZIQEP0D00E-POD® remote dispenser
ZIQP0D000Q-POD® Remote Dispenser for ultrapure water
ZMQSFTSA1Milli-Q® Foot Pedal
ZWATSENA1Water sensor for Milli-Q® IQ/IX water purification systems.

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