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Contact Plates 


Versatile Contact Plates for Reliable Surface Monitoring

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Large Portfolio of Products for Critical and Non-Critical Areas

Merck provides ready-to-use contact plates with a wide range of formulations for environmental monitoring of surfaces in critical clean rooms and isolators (ICR series) as well as in non-critical areas (RT series). To minimize the risk of contamination, all Merck contact plates are produced in clean rooms. They can be stored at room temperature. Our contact plates are lockable and can thus be incubated or transported under aerobic, microaerophilic or anaerobic conditions.

Merck’s contact plates contain either Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), Sabouraud Dextrose Agar (SDA) or a non-animal, vegetable peptone media for minimal risk of BSE/TSE contamination. The plates are available supplemented with neutralizers of a wide range of disinfectants or β-lactam antibiotics for monitoring sanitized, dry surfaces. Neutralizers such as lecithin (L), tween 80 (T), histidine (H) and sodium thiosulfate (Th) are able to inactivate residues of disinfectants, a wide range of which are used worldwide for disinfection. Plates supplemented with cephalosporinase (cephase) or penicillinase (penase) are able to inactivate a wide spectrum of β-lactam antibiotics.

heipha ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates
ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates

The ICR/ICRplus Contact Plates are gamma-irradiated and triple-bagged specifically for use in isolators and clean rooms.

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heipha ICRplus Neutralizer A Contact Plates
TSA Contact Plate with LTHThio ICRplus

Reliable detection of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms on sanitized surfaces with a total shelf life of 12 months

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heipha RT/RTplus Contact Plates
RT/RTplus Contact Plates

Merck's RT/RTplus Contact Plates are single-bagged and non-irradiated and thus the ideal choice for surface monitoring in non-critical clean rooms.

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ICRplus Contact Plates Video


ICRplus Contact Plates

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Environmental Monitoring

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