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Cytokine, Chemokine and Other Immune Biomarker
Assays Using Luminex® Technology

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From 48 to 1, and anything in between
Our new human panel: larger and customizable
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/human-cytokine-graph.jpgThe MILLIPLEX® Human Cytokine/Chemokine/Growth Factor Panel A combines tests for 48 individual immune factors that previously have not been together in a single panel, while also allowing you choose any combination of analytes (HCYTA-60K), or select a 48-plex (HCYTA-60K-PX48 or HCYTA-60K-PXBK48) or a 38-plex premixed kit (HCYTA-60K-PX38 or HCYTA-60K-PXBK38).

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Featured Customer Story
Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/Mukesh-150px.jpgInterested in how MILLIPLEX® assays can further Zika research?

The MILLIPLEX® Rat Cytokine Panel (Cat. No. RECYTMAG-65K) allowed Dr. Mukesh Kumar, of the University of Hawaii, to develop a guinea pig model for Zika virus infection. Learn more about his research by viewing the video below, and read his most recent publication.

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New Poster and Panel

See our poster and learn how to use our MILLIPLEX® Human Autoimmune Autoantibody Panel
(Cat. No. HAIAB-10K) for your autoimmune disease serum and plasma samples.

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High Sensitivity Kits
High Sensitivity Cytokine Multiplex Kits to Fit your Needs!
Is it time for you to make the switch to high sensitivity cytokine multiplex kits? We offer the most high sensitivity analytes and formats, with quality tested reproducibility lot-to-lot. Learn more about our kits below.
  • Our original 96-well Human High Sensitivity T Cell Panel (Cat. No. HSTCMAG-28SK)
  • Our 384-well Human High Sensitivity T Cell Panel (Cat. No. HSTC384-28K) for use with the FLEXMAP 3D® instrument
  • Our Mouse High Sensitivity T Cell Panel (Cat. No. MHSTCMAG-70K)

96-well App Note | 384-well App Note | Mouse Poster

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/R-DScientist-video.jpg Learn about all of our MILLIPLEX® High Sensitivity kits in this video presentation!

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Measure biomarkers of inflammation and immune response with MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays, including our leading cytokine assay kits.
Acting at the recognition, activation or effector phases of an immune response, cytokines modulate the development and functional activities of T cells, B cells and myeloid cells. Quantifying cytokines is important for understanding pathological states such as inflammation, sepsis, and diseases such as autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, neurological disorders and cancer.

Bring Your Immunology Biomarkers to Life with MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays

Bead-based multiplex immunology assays enable precise, multiparametric analysis of diseases and underlying processes. Our MILLIPLEX® multiplex cytokine assays, as well as other immunology kits, enable you to quantify nearly 400 analytes across several species simultaneously.

Based on Luminex xMAP® technology, our analytically verified assay kits provide:
  • Standards verified to match reference lots
  • Serum matrix for generating standard curves that accurately simulate conditions of native analyte conditions in serum or plasma
  • In-assay controls
  • Detection antibody cocktails to ensure consistent performance regardless of plex size
Some examples of the multiplex assay analytes in our portfolio are listed below.


IFNγ IL-13
IL-6 IL-17A
IL-8 MIP-1α
IL-10 TNFα
*only selected analytes listed

Other Immune Biomarkers*:

C1q C3 C3b
Granzyme B TIMP-1 FGF-2
Perforin IgM TGFβ1
*only selected analytes listed

Associated Intracellular Signaling Molecules*:

Erk GSK3α SMAD 2
*only selected analytes listed

To expand the power of your immunology research, we also offer MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays for:
Looking for antibodies for cytokines, chemokines and immune cell markers?

Visit the Merck Inflammation and Immunology Antibodies page!

Download the Analyte Quarterly brochure for a complete, updated list of assays.

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