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Combined Resins with Color Indicator

Merck’s mixed-bed ion exchangers are a combination of strongly acidic cation exchangers and strongly basic anion exchangers. They include a convenient color indicator, which is characteristic for strongly basic anion exchangers. When loaded, the color indicator of Amberlite MB-3 changes from blue to brown. Transfer into the Na+/Cl- form can be successfully achieved using 10% sodium chloride solution. However, regeneration of mixed-bed ion exchangers back to the H+/OH- form is not possible under laboratory scale conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Combination of strongly acidic cation exchangers and strongly basic anion exchangers
  • Blue-to-brown color indicator
  • Easy transfer into Na+/Cl- form

Range of Applications

  • Water demineralization

Product Information

Ion exchanger
V for analysis
Ion exchanger
Amberlite MB-3
Ion exchanger
Amberlite IRN-150
Ion exchanger
Amberlite MB-6113
Order number
104836 115127 115965 115165
Functional groups
~SO3/-N+(CH3)2(CH2OH) ~SO3/-N+(CH3)2(CH2
Counter ion/supplied as
H+ and OH- H+ and OH- H+ and OH- H+ and OH-
Total ion exchange capacity




Max. operating temperature °C
40 (OH-) 40 (OH-) 60 60
pH range
0-14 0-14 0-14 0-14
Particle size (mm)(mesh) ASTM
0.3-1.18 20-50
Moisture content %
50-60 50-60 49-60
Bulk density (g/l)
600 600 690 610-680
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