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Samplicity® - Hard-to-Filter Samples

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Efficient Filtration of Hard-to-Filter Samples

Many chromatography samples, such as dissolution testing samples, food and beverage samples, are viscous and/or contain high levels of particulates. If manual filtration is used, these samples can require excessive manual force, greater time per sample, and lower recovery — all reducing laboratory efficiency. In contrast, the Samplicity® filtration system filters even highly viscous samples in seconds, with minimal manual force.

0.45 µm PTFE membrane filtration times using the Samplicity® filtration System 0.20 µm PTFE membrane filtration times using the Samplicity® filtration System 0.45 µm PVDF membrane filtration times using the Samplicity® filtration System
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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Chromatography-Sample-Prep/chromatography-sample-prep-images/an5797en00-cover-80px.jpgFiltration of viscous / particle-laden samples using the Samplicity® Filtration System

Efficient Filtration of Viscous Food and Beverage Samples Using Millex Samplicity® Filters

2 mL of each sample was prepared and applied to three types of Millex Samplicity® filters positioned in the Samplicity® system. After the first 1 mL was filtered, the filtration time was recorded. Results represent average of four filters and error bars represent standard deviation.

Compared to Syringe Filtration, Minimal Manual Force Is Required to Filter Samples Using the Samplicity® System.

Shown are average ratings of manual force required to operate syringe filters vs. the Samplicity® filtration system. 15 users were observed and timed as they filtered 24 samples using both the Samplicity® system and syringe filtration.* Approximately half the subjects operated the Samplicity® system first, and the other half used syringe filters first. Users then rated their subjective experience of force required on a scale of 1 to 10.

Comparison of force required

1.0 mL samples of 1% Pepto-Bismol were filtered by 15 users, either through hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Millex syringe filters with a 10 mL syringe, or through 0.45 µm hydrophilic PTFE Millex Samplicity® membrane filters using the Samplicity® filtration system.

Pre-launch Device Disclaimer: The information presented is based on preliminary development results. Device performance in specific applications may be different.