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Milliflex® PLUS Vacuum Pump

Milliflex® PLUS Vacuum Pump

Evaluating downstream process quality involves multiple steps, whether in pharmaceutical, beverage, or microelectronic product manufacturing processes. Our compact Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump streamlines filtration steps during bioburden testing (microbial limit testing) to accelerate QC sampling.

Milliflex® PLUS
Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System

Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection

The Milliflex® Quantum system is compliant for the pharma industry and uses industry-standard membrane filtration techniques and a rapid enzymatic fluorescent staining method for convenient quantitative detection of viable and culturable microorganisms in filterable samples.

Milliflex® Quantum
EZ Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

EZ Fluo™ Rapid Detection

The EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System is an easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for rapid detection and quantification of microbial contamination in lower-risk samples like food & beverages.

EZ Fluo™
Ready-to-Use Culture Media for Bioburden Testing

Ready-to-Use Culture Media for Bioburden Testing

For bioburden testing (including microbial limit testing) of non-sterile raw materials, water and finished products, Merck provides all the culture media required to detect viable aerobic microorganisms. The ready–to-use solid and liquid media are prepared according to the corresponding, harmonized standards of the European, US and Japanese Pharmacopeias.

Microbiology Services

Microbiology Services

Find all you need to benefit from our comprehensive services for bioburden testing including service plans, and regulatory and technological expertise.

Biomonitoring Trainings


Biomonitoring Trainings

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