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Supplements for Culture Media


Supplements and Additives for
Culture Media Preparation

Most selective media require special supplements or additives to ensure optimal performance for isolating and identifying specific microorganisms. If available in a freeze-dried format, preparation and handling becomes particularly easy.

Merck’s supplements are typically portioned to be added to a standard volume of 500 ml of culture media. Our wide range of additives, such as antibiotics, glycerol or Tergitol, provides additional flexibility.

Freeze-Dried Contents for Greater Safety and Ease-of-Use

To avoid any accidents upon opening, our supplements are provided with a user friendly screw cap and a separate rubber stopper closure. Due to the freeze-dried format of the content, no hazardous substances or aerosols are inhaled when opening. The freeze-dried pellet also goes into solution easily.

Granulated Media with Incorporated Selective Agents

Any additional step in the preparation of culture media, such as adding supplements or additives, is time consuming and a possible source of contamination. Where possible and sensible, heat stable additives have been incorporated into Merck’s dry granulated media.

Supplements for Culture Media

Supplements for Culture Media

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Make Media Preparation Safe & Easy

Safe no inhalation of hazardous ingredients due to freeze-dried (non-powder) format
Easy user-friendly screw-cap for ease-of-use
Safe no cutting into fingers when opening
Easy content goes into solution fast