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The Science of Millex® Quality

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Because our Millex® syringe filters provide unsurpassed quality and consistency, numerous customers have specified the Millex® brand in developing sample preparation methods. With over 50 years of filtration expertise, we continue to set the industry standard for high performance membrane technology and its application in sample preparation.

The quality of Millex® filters results from four fundamental principles:
On this page, you will find details on how each of these four principles ensure that each and every filter we ship performs as you expect.

Quality Design and Engineering

The original Millex® filter: protecting your data since 1971.

The original and new designs of Millex® filters

We’ve learned a lot since our first patent on a disposable syringe filter, filed in 1968 (above, left). Today’s Millex® filters (above, right) feature:

Over-molded design

  •  Excellent seal integrity and burst strength

Designed to minimize hold up volume

  • Optimized housing design maintains 50% less hold volume than traditional 13 mm filters to ensure maximum sample recovery.
  • Engineered flow paths into and out of device

Filter and seal integrity

  • Premium membrane
  • High particle retention
  • Excellent seal between device and membrane

High operating pressure

  • With a maximum housing pressure of 150 psig (10 bar) solutions can be filtered faster.

Low extractables, low binding

  • A variety of membranes and polypropylene housings ensure chemical compatibility with a range of samples and solvents.
Anatomy of a Millex® Filter