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Optimized for High-Throughput Separations

LiChrospher® HPTLC plates with spherical particlesMerck’s unique LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are the first thin layer chromatography plates based on spherical silica particles. Compared to standard HPTLC plates, they offer maximum performance and speed, thus enabling high-throughput analyses of complex samples.

Improved Detection Limits

LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are based on spherical silica 60 with a particle size of 7 µm, and a narrow particle-size distribution similar to that used in HPLC. While LiChrospher® plates possess a broad selectivity very similar to that of the corresponding HPTLC plates, the plate height, separation numbers and velocity constants have been further improved. This results in shorter analysis times and improved detection limits.

Features and Benefits

  • 20% reduced running times in comparison to HPTLC
  • Highly compact spots or zones for higher detection sensitivity
  • Low detection limits

Application Areas

LiChrospher® HPTLC plates are especially suitable for separations of highly complex, low concentration samples, such as:

  •  Trace analysis of pesticide mixtures
  • Assay of pharmaceutical compounds

Comparison of Detection Limits

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