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RP-Modified Silica Preparative Layer Plates

RP-modified silica PLC platesMerck’s RP-modified silica PLC plates are suitable for many separation challenges that classical silica cannot overcome. They enable the analysis of extremely non-polar substances and particular polar substances. Furthermore, they are less dependent on atmospheric humidity, and exhibit less catalytic activity.

Maximum Robustness and Efficiency

As with our classical silica plates, RP-modified silica layers are based on our proven silica-binder technology. Hence, they have a very adherent and hard surface that will not crack or blister, and can even be written on with a pencil with no risk of damage. The smooth and extremely dense surface of the plates ensures narrow bands for maximum separation efficiency with lowest background noise.

Features and Benefits

  • Enable the separation of extremely non-polar substances
  • Analysis of particular polar substance
  • Less dependent on atmospheric humidity 
  • Exhibit less catalytic activity
  • Maximum separation efficiency with lowest background noise
  • Extremely robust surface
  • Offered in several thicknesses, with or without a fluorescence indicator
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