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Aluminum Oxide TLC Plates

Excellent Separations of Basic and Neutral Compounds

Merck’s aluminum oxide (alox) plates for thin-layer chromatography offer distinct advantages with regard to pH. Under aqueous conditions, basic compounds can be best separated on basic alox plates, while neutral alox plates are most suitable for neutral compounds. The plates achieve excellent separations for a wide variety of applications thanks to neutral and basic aluminum oxides with 60Å and 150Å pore sizes.

Application Example

Separation of M-Oligophenylenes on an Aluminum Oxide TLC Plate
Sample volume 200 nl Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Chromatography/Diagrams/LE-TLC and HPTLC-TLC aluminium oxid plate-480x512-03112014.jpg
Mobile Phase n-heptane
Migration distance 10 cm
Detection UV 254 nm
Compounds 1. m-Quinquephenyl
2. m-Quarterphenyl
3. m-Terphenyl
4. Biphenyl
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